Something in The Air:

Instagram Story Package for The Intercept

I built an Instagram story for The Intercept's investigation of the impact of PAA, a toxic chemicals used to kill bacteria in poultry processing plants, on the factory workers exposed to it daily. I chose this piece to repackage for Instagram because it was centered around one main character, Jessica, a location, rural Utah, and a very clear cause and effect conflict: toxic chemicals, the line workers’ deteriorating health that mobilized them to action.

With Instagram stories, it’s important to have a story line simple enough that won’t lose the viewers attention or focus- and concise enough text to complete the story arc in only a few seconds per slide.

The story was lacking still images so I knew a gallery post wouldn’t be the right approach- but the video piece had great b-roll of the poultry plant, general poultry shots and varying shots of Jessica which could create a really dynamic story. In order to create a sense of place, I used a screen recording tool to use Google Earth to show how small Moroni, Utah actually is.

For the few still images in the piece, I panned them across the screen in Premiere to mesh the still and motion slides and tried to find typeface similar to The Intercept’s branding. I also included the Swipe Up feature at the end to lead the viewer directly to the online story.

DISCLAIMER: This project was created for portfolio purposes, all media belongs to The Intercept. Script and video editing by me.

Original story credit:

Video credit: Armando Aparicio